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Rubinsky Roofing, repair and roof inspection, Dallas, TX


German Miranda

Sales executive 

Languages: English and Spanish 

German was born and raised in Garland Texas. He always wanted to find a place that can appreciate his maturity and focus. When he started with Rubinsky Roofing, he immediately knew that he found home and was able to make such a great impression over the years which earned him the title “Most Valuable Being” two years in a row! German takes a lot of pride in his work and always ensures his customers are taken care of at the highest level!

Robin Southern


Languages: English

Robin was born in Louisiana and was raised in Dallas, Texas. Robin is mother to 2 amazing children and has an incredible background in handling finances. Robin ensures that everything is running smoothly, everything is according to our process and all finances are on point. She is the glue that gets everyone together.

Manjit Kapri

Sales executive 

Languages: English and Nepali 

Manjit was born in Nepal and grew up in Plano, Texas. Manjit was always a very curious person. His strong desire to learn allowed him to become an expert in our field very quickly. His desire of learning alongside the burning desire to better his life and everyone around him allows him to educate homeowners in such a passionate and accurate manner which in return saves their lives!

Rosalba Botello

Customer Relations

Languages: English and Spanish 

Rosa was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Rosa is a mother to 3 incredible children and a former teacher for many years. Rosa gives a massive added value to the experience we provide as a brand. Her patience and ability to ensure each customer understands the process and address all concerns at the highest-level guarantees that no matter the situation our customers will always be happy.

Luis Guerrero

Project Manager

Languages: English and Spanish 

Luis was born in El Salvador and grew up in Dallas, Texas. Luis has a lot of experience as a project manager and is extremely passionate about it. He enjoys the process and loves the fact he can be the one ensuring the project goes flawlessly. 

Tomas Tran

Sales executive 

Languages: English and Vietnamese

Tomas was born in Houston, grew up in California and then moved to Dallas, Texas. Tomas has vast experience in customer service and is very passionate about taking care of people. He wants to ensure that every customer he meets gets all the value the brand can provide and to always experience our legendary customer service! 

Adrian Hernandez

Production Manager

Languages: English and Spanish 

Adrian has vast experience in the construction world. He has done everything from the actual labor to managing many crews. Adrian has great passion to ensure everything is done perfectly and according to Rubinsky Roofing's high standards. He never allows anything to slip by and treats every project as if it was the only one. He ensures the crews, project managers and anyone involved in the production process has everything they need to succeed. 

Ricardo Camacho

Sales executive 

Languages: English and Spanish 

Ricardo was born in Mexico and grew up in Plano. Ricardo is the definition of a team player. He wants to see everyone win, he wants to see everyone happy, and he does everything he can to ensure that. This rare trait translates beautifully when handling customers that see someone that his entire focus is to ensure their happiness!

Jonathan Gonzales

Project Manager

Languages: English and Spanish 

Jonathan was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Johnathan has a lot of experience in the construction world and has the ability and strong desire to learn as much as possible to always be the best at what he does. He takes every single project as the most important one and ensures it’s always a great success.  

Luke Sublette

Sales Executive

Languages: English and Spanish 

Luke was born in Flint, TX and grew up in Dallas, TX. Luke has vast experience in customer service and management at different cooperations. Luke always has the customer as his first priority and was able to bring great improvements everywhere he was. Here at Rubinsky Roofing he was able to help bring great ideas from day one that help us make the experience for the customer even better than before!

Gilad Rubinsky

Founder / Owner & CEO

Languages: English and Hebrew

Gilad was born in Houston Texas and grew up in Israel. His entire life he always wanted to create a brand that will do good and save lives. When Gilad discovered the roofing industry he started to research, and he found that no company currently builds a proper roofing system. And from that moment on he decided that his mission in life will be to save lives by building the only proper roofing system. The Rubinsky Roofing Complete Roofing System! 


Gilad also created the 9 principles which we all live by:

Consistent • Persistent • Efficient 

Strong • Calm • Kind

No ego • No pride • No judgment 


With these we have an unparalleled culture and environment where we have no managers, no bosses, everyone loves, appreciates and respects one another which is the reason why our team stays together and the reason it’s so easy to provide legendary customer service and legendary workmanship every single time!

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