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 This document is the next step following the contract that was signed between the Customer listed above and CPE Roofing, LLC. Customer understands that as soon as they receive the insurance company’s scope of loss (estimate), they will contact CPE Roofing, LLC to schedule the Work Order meeting. CPE Roofing, LLC representative will submit the Work Order to CPE Roofing, LLC management. Once it has passed management review and the initial payment has cleared, management will determine if the job is ready to be placed on the schedule. Management will also review if job has a need to go through the supplementation process. 

Supplementation is the process of requesting any missing items or incorrect pricing from the original scope of loss. CPE Roofing, LLC will create an estimate and send it along with pictures and documentation to the insurance company. As the contractor, CPE Roofing, LLC wants to ensure the property is restored to pre-storm conditions, and to ensure the Customer has proper funding to allow CPE Roofing, LLC to complete such repairs. In the event the insurance company contacts the Customer regarding the supplement process, the Customer agrees to request the insurance company to contact CPE Roofing, LLC. Once the insurance company provides the Customer with the revised scope of loss, Customer agrees to provide such documentation to CPE Roofing, LLC upon arrival along with the supplement payment. 

Once CPE Roofing, LLC management approves the job and it is placed on the schedule, Customer will be contacted by Watch Tower (production department) within 7 days to go over the information and verify its accuracy. At this time CPE Roofing, LLC will also set up the “pre-build” appointment. This meeting is designed to ensure Watch Tower is aware of everything needed to complete a successful project from start to finish. At that time the “Pre-Build form” will be completed. CPE Roofing, LLC will have 30 days weather permitting to start repairs after the pre-build assessment has been completed. 

CPE Roofing, LLC will not honor any verbal agreements. Customer understands that any changes from the original work order must be documented on a change order form and signed by both parties. 

Once all work is completed, a completion certificate form will be filled out and signed by Customer. At this time CPE Roofing, LLC will send the insurance company a certificate of completion to release deprecation funds. Once deprecation check has arrived, Customer agrees to contact and make payable to CPE Roofing, LLC at that time.


The responsibility to ensure the funds are released and received in a timely manner are on the Customer. CPE Roofing, LLC will assist in the process but is not responsible. CPE Roofing, LLC has an automated process that includes letters to remind of balance owed in different stages of the process. It is very important that the Customer communicates with CPE Roofing, LLC throughout the process to prevent from any action taken in the process of collecting the funds owed on the job. 

By signing below both parties agree to the terms above. 

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