CPE IS LIFE, LLC was found under a very simple premise; we will always be consistent, persistent and efficient. By doing so we can ensure our customers are taken care of at the highest level every single time. Our team of CPE Heroes are ready to evaluate and assist you with your property restoration needs. Whether this is your first roofing project or your fifth, we are ready to bring forth the customer service you deserve. With over 30 years of combined experience, you can count on us to build a CPE Complete Roofing System every single time!


Our Heroes are proffesionals and as a company we emphasize building the best complete roofing system. CPE IS LIFE will ensure the most important component on your house (roof) is protected and your project is completed at the highest level. Your home is your #1 investment and your roof is the #1 component protecting it.

Pre build – we created a specialized process to go above and beyond for our customers and uphold the principles of which our company was founded on: consistency, persistency, and efficiency. This process includes a pre-build meeting where our  production team (Watch Tower) visits the job site days before the build to ensure they are 100% prepared for everything the project requires. This will ensure the most important day(s) of the project is smooth and everyone is aware of what to expect.


Here at CPE IS LIFE we are always open and transparent and work very hard to educate our customers to make sure they know what to expect every step of the way. Not every project goes perfectly, and we want to make sure the customer knows that at the end they will always be happy.

10 year

workmanship warranty on our CPE Complete

Roofing System



30 years

of combined experience.


insured and bonded for

1 million





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Dallas, TX 75244




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Kaufman, TX