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Rubinsky Roofing is a local, family owned and operated Roofing Company that services the Dallas - Fort Worth area

Rubinsky Roofing serving Dallas Texas
roofing company in Dallas Texas
Rubinsky Roofing logo
Rubinsky Roofing logo
Rubinsky Roofing also provides an INDUSTRY BEST 10 years
leak free warranty.

I am here to guarantee we provide legendary customer service and legendary workmanship every single time!”

Owner / CEO

Gilad Rubinsky

Roofing Conractor - Roof repair, roof insection ad estimtes Dalls Texas

Our visit is completely FREE and our Project Manager will come to educate you about the process and all your options.


Residential and Commercial re-roofing is what we are best at. We are aware that there are thousands of options out there when it comes to servicing your roof, BUT there is only ONE BRAND that provides and guarantees a Rubinsky Complete Roofing System Every Single Time!

Roof repair and replacement, Dallas, Texas
Roof repair and replacement, Dallas, Texas
Roof repair and replacement, Dallas, Texas

Rubinsky Roofing was found by the Rubinsky family back in 2018. The reason they chose to dedicate their life to roofing, is due to the fact they learned that the most important thing there is to a modern human is a perfect roof. 
A damaged roof can be a fatal hazard kills, while a perfect roof protects and saves lives! Leak = mold = death! 

The Rubinsky family and their phenomenal team, started extensive research of many months until they finally came up with the one and only Roofing System - The Rubinsky Roofing Complete Roofing System! 

Our system has 7 stages of protection that we install on 100% of our jobs and protects you from the elements better than any roofing system on earth! We offer you a selection of different shingles and systems you can install on your roof that carry different protections and price, but the system that is installed under is consistent 100% of the time (please click here to view our system). 

The Rubinsky family has decided to dedicate their life to bring safety and protection save lives by building the best roofing systems. We are here for you 24/7/365 for anything you need! 

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