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Customer Service is a way of life

As we go through life, we can have a moment that stands out as life-changing..

When I heard my father use the phrase "the customer is always right" for the first time, This was one of those “life-changing” moments for me. I was 6 years old. What made an impact was that he not only said the words, but backed them up with action.

Many people don't fully understand what "the customer is always right" really means. It doesn't mean the customer gets everything they want. It means that as a professional, the business will understand the customer’s perspective, respect it, and address it in the best way possible. Companies that give customers everything they want or ignore their customers’ requests altogether, are doing a massive disservice to their customer and to their own business. The key is communication – the provider and customer must stay in communication so the provider fully understands what the customer wants and needs. This communication will ensure that “the customer is always right” will not create conflict.

I started by making candy and selling door-to-door. Sales is not just closing a deal, but provides your customer an experience he will never forget. It can be the quality of your product, or the way you act towards your customer. Everything ties together to an experience that, if is done right, you will earn a customer for life – every salesperson’s dream. I believe this to be the highest form of customer service.

This is my dream since I was 6 – to create my opportunity to provide these experiences every single day. The dream is becoming a reality with CPE Roofing. With my incredible team, we will strive to ensure our customers have a consistent, persistent and efficient experience. You will learn more about the great team very soon.

I am honored to have this opportunity to provide to the world what my dad provided his entire life – the best customer service there is!

Customer Service

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